In Matrak all statuses and button list values are colour coded. When first setting up your project you’ll want to update and assign colours for your statuses and button lists.

Customisable color coded statuses enables you to visually see the status of a project from your interactive drawings drawings.

Customisable colour coded button list values enables you to customise colours for your ITP checklists, providing a colour-coded wall chart view for progress reports.

Step-by-step instructions on how to update your status and button list value colours:

  • Navigate to theProject settings page from the left side bar menu

  • Click on the Update Status/Button List Colours tab

  • Click on the individual status colour box for a status you wish to change - a custom colour pallet will appear and you can update this status colour

  • Once you’ve updated the colour, clicking out of the colour box will automatically save your changes.

By refreshing the page and returning to dashboard homepage, you will see new update status colours.

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