Looking to get started with Matrak, great! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way. From your computer you will need to navigate to matrak.com and select ‘Login’, which will take you to Matrak's sign in page.

The language toggle at the top right of the page allows you to change the default language of the application. To change the language, click the drop-down and select the new language. Select the ‘Not a member? Sign Up’ button.

To create an account, enter the required information and then click ‘Next’. All text fields on the sign-up form are required (excluding phone number).

Creating a new company or Joining an existing company

The next sign-up page gives you two options to:
A: Create a new company’ (your company is not registered with Matrak)

B: Join an existing company’ (your company has used Matrak before).

To have an account with Matrak, you must belong to a company.

A: Creating a new company

To create a new company, select ‘Create a new company’. This will open a popup window for more information. You will be required to enter your company name, type, trade and choose between joining an existing project on Matrak or not. Regardless of whether you join an existing project, all users will see this message and an email to complete their account with Matrak.

B: Joining an existing company

To join an existing company select ‘Join Existing Company’. This will open a popup window where you are required to enter the existing company name with a Matrak account and the request is confirmed by a highlighted note.

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