In the “My Company” tab, we can update your company’s details, manage other users and their access on Matrak.

Under “Company Settings” you can keep your company details up to date, most importantly with contact information.

In the ‘My Workmates’ tab, you will be able to see a list of people that have been added to your company on Matrak. When someone is added to Matrak, they will have full access as a default, however we can change that here.

The access options are below:

  • Admin - can change access levels for others in the company and can download reports

  • Edit - can edit materials and update materials on a project

  • View - can only see the project with no ability to make changes

  • No Access - are not able to access the project

You can also choose to “Remove” a selected person so they no longer have access to Matrak as a member of your company. Select the “Remove” button and hit “Yes” on the pop-up.

Under the ‘Manage Domains’ tab you can turn on the setting that automatically approves people when joining Matrak. By specifying the email address, anyone with that email can automatically join your company.

Turn the “auto-approve” button ON and enter the email address that you want to have automatically approved into the text box. E.g. - then Select “Add Domain”.

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