Matrak's Progress Tracker is a digital representation of the physical wall chart seen onsite and is updated in real-time with actual subcontractor progress.

The benefit of the Progress Tracker is that it provides everyone on-site with the ability to see building progress in real-time!

As subcontractors mark off tasks in Matrak, the digital wall chart will automatically reflect their progress, allowing Project Managers to be proactive instead of reactive if any part of the build is falling behind the construction program and costs you time and money.

The progress tracker also means that project coordinators no longer have to walk up and down between floors and the site office multiple times to update paper wall charts the will have to be printed and redone when things go wrong.

This single source of digital truth also means subcontractors can quickly provide evidence of work completed for timely and accurate progress claims.

How it works:

In Matrak, on a project's interactive colour-coded drawings - each room, apartment and space has an associated card view. The card view highlights configurable progress states based on a trade sequence of work.

So as subcontractors tick off completed work, all sequence tasks are are reflected in Matrak’s audit log for full transparency.

When the status of sequence tasks is recorded, Matrak’s digital wall chart automatically updates the status of a level and apartment. Meaning this wall chart offers the visibility needed for site project managers to determine if projects are progressing on time and on budget and be proactive early if the project is falling behind schedule

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