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Matrak Desktop: 5 tips and tricks on your custom reports
Matrak Desktop: 5 tips and tricks on your custom reports
Learn 5 cool tips and tricks to help you gain more value from your custom reports
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Tip 1: Expanding your columns

The first tip on your custom reports page is the ability to expand your columns. When creating your custom reports, if the status or descriptions in your columns are cut off - you can easily expand the length of your columns to preview as much of the cells information as you’d like.

Tip 2: Filtering your columns

The second tip is the ability to filter your report. To start, your reports will be listed in their default order. This means that they will be in the order of when your ID’s were created in Matrak. You can click on the column headers to filter your report in different ways, to allow you to retrieve information more efficiently.

  • Clicking your record type header will organise your report in alphabetical order

  • Clicking the ID header will organises your report in the appropriate order of material flow in which the statuses are ticked off

  • If you click the status header and location header once, this will organise the columns in alphabetical order, A-Z. If you click it again, it will organise your column alphabetically but from Z-A. Clicking it a third time will take it back to its default order.

Tip 3: Comments or links:

The third tip is the ability to quickly find materials that have associated comments or links. Simply click the comment column headers, and this will bring any material's that have these associated comments and link to the top of your list.

Tip 4: Enlarging your photos:

The fourth tip is on how to enlarge your photos for easier view. If you want to expand the attached photos in the photo column of your report - clicking on them will expand any photo into a new tab where you can save, copy and see them more easily.

Tip 5: Exporting your report

Your fifth tip is the ability to export your report. You can easily export and download your reports into an Excel or CSV file to send to any of your teams or clients if they don’t have access into Matrak.

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