Custom reports in Matrak allow you to quickly find specific record information and easily make updates to them — all on one page. Reducing the need for multiple spread sheets means you easily stay on top of material movements and updates.

From your reports page you can:

  • Update material/s statuses and locations

  • Update material information

  • Update quality inspection plans

  • Export to Excel for sharing and record keeping purposes

Matrak's custom reports can match almost any traditional Excel report - including progress claims, site call ups and other specific reporting needs. custom reports can be built or set up via our API integration.

Navigating your Custom Reports:

Creating custom reports:

You can now create custom reports that saves all search filters for you. Saving you time making mass updates to specific materials.

1. Simply click the [+] button on the top left page to create a brand new custom report. 2. Click the filter button right below it to save specific records and status that you choose.
3. Select what the status from your filters you want displayed on your report

Different types of reports you can create:

  • Progress reports

  • Inventory/stock tracking

  • Delivery & shipping reports

  • Defect reports

  • Site call ups

  • Packing lists

  • Inspection and Quality reports

    Mass updates:
    To update your records quicker, you can multi select multiple materials and update their ITP’s, statuses, or locations.

    You can take this a step further and click the top check box to update all materials on your report at once.

Multi selecting different types of record types:
You can select and update different record types at the same time. Meaning if you want to update the status of a material, its shipping containers and its stillage in one go - you can.

It’s important to note:
When you multi select different record types to update, you will be able to see all status values associated to all records selected in the dropdown. Some statuses in this dropdown will only be associated to certain records in the selection. If you select a status that is not associated with to all the record type in your selection, an error message will pop up and not allow you to make the update.

Automatic save:
Every time you make any changes or updates to your statuses on the reports page, they will be automatically saved so you can be confident that you won’t have to duplicate or loose any work that you have just done.

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