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How to order and request deliveries to site in Matrak
How to order and request deliveries to site in Matrak
Managing your site delivery call-up process in Matrak
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It's common for users to order/request materials through Matrak. Below are the steps to take to best manage your site delivery call-Up process.

1. Delivery data needs to be inputted in the system

First - if a "delivery" record type doesn't exist yet in the project - You'll need to create and set one up by:

  • Select the "Edit record types" tab in the side bar > select the "Add new record type" button > Select the category as "container/delivery" > confirm > Add as many descriptions as needed.

After a delivery record type exists in a project, you'll then need to create a "delivery" record, and add all of the delivery information needed to set up your deliveries.

  • Go to the Add records tab in the sidebar > Select "Delivery" in the Record Type drop down list > fill out the table with the relevant delivery information > hit "Create Records" button.

2. Set up the delivery status workflow and description lists

  • The project's logistics company needs to have a custom report created to show deliveries and dates

  • They will also need to turn on in-app notifications for deliveries so that they get notified anytime the site teams changes the status

3. Site teams can then identify stillages and add items to deliveries

  • Go into the delivery and change the status to call up and add date/time etc

  • Set up custom reports to show the delivery schedule

  • Set up notification for futile delivery or any other relevant status

How site teams can request deliveries to site:

  • Option 1: Creating a 'Requested To Site' status (or similar) on their materials. By updating a materials status to "requested to site", it will notify your logistics company to send the appropriate materials to site.

    • Instructions on how to do this: here

  • Option 2: Create a 'Delivery' record type, and add the materials wanted in the order to a new delivery. This option may be preferable if there's additional information, comments or photos that the company wants to add to their deliveries.

    • Instructions on how to do this via the search results page: here

    • If this information is already in an Excel sheet, you can copy it directly into the 'Create Packing List' page.

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