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Matrak's automated workflows
Matrak's automated workflows
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Automated Workflows allows users to configure automatic updates to be applied on their projects, based on updates to materials, containers, locations and tasks.

Common examples include:

  • Updating a Component as being "On Site" once all the subcomponents have been delivered to site

  • Updating a Material to "QA Complete" once specific tasks/inspections have been completed

  • Updating a Task to "Complete" once all related materials have been installed

  • Updating an Apartment to be "Complete" once all tasks have been completed

  • Updating an Apartment to "Issue" if an issue has been raised on any tasks or materials

  • Updating a Floor to being "Complete" once all Apartments and Common Areas are "Complete

Speak to your Customer Success Representative, to learn how to configure automated workflows between associated records. Such as requiring tasks to be completed in order to update a status, or automatically propagating an issue from the material level up to the apartment / floor.

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