You can add new materials into your projects by filling out the table (or copy and pasting from excel) from the Add Records page.

In Matrak, every material has its own associated unique ID which makes it possible to track and hold important information against. These unique ID’s also make it easy to access or update any material.

Uploading large quantities of Materials

We know that for some projects, generic materials like joinery, lighting, or other loose items are a dime a dozen - and no one has time to enter unique ID’s for large quantities of materials.

To avoid the headache, you can use the quantity column in your table to batch upload large quantities of the same material without having to deal with the hassle of entering unique ID’s for each item.

How to upload large quantities of the same material:

  • Navigate to the Add Records page in the left hand sidebar

  • Enter your material ID and the relevant information in the table, or copy and paste from your packing lists or excel.

  • For any materials with quantities larger than one, you can easily create multiple unique ids by entering in the desired amount of materials under the quantity column

  • Hit the Create Records button to auto-generate unique ID’s for every material uploaded in from the table

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