My Company vs External Companies on site

Once you’ve set up your project in Matrak, you’re going to want to add members of your company so you can get the most out of Matrak.

You’ll want to add your company colleagues and also external companies that are collaborating on your project, but only give them access to specific information and projects. That’s where User Roles and Project Permissions come in handy.

You can manage all these permissions in your User Management tab under the Project Settings page.

  • If they have a company email, Matrak considers them a member of your company, and they will be automatically added to your company if they have an associated domain.

  • If they have an external email, Matrak considers them an external company. You can add them to specific projects you need them to have access to - they can only view and access projects to which you invite them to.

    Note: You can update or remove their project access in the Project Access page.

Your Company

When you invite someone to your company, you can choose what User Role and what project specific permissions they have on invitation - People inherit access to the team’s projects based on their user role and permissions. Here’s how it works:

Workspace Administrators can manage settings for all internal company users on the User management page. To access this page click settings on the left navigation bar, and then click User Management.

Administrators have the ability to change Company user roles, update their project access, delete users from the company. To make a team-member in your company an Administrator, and therefore allow them permissions to change user roles, simply change their User role from their current role to ‘Administrator’.

What are Company User Roles?

User roles are users' default permissions - for any new project they’re added to they will automatically be granted the same level of permissions.

  • Administrators - can set default roles for anyone joining the organisation, External companies set their teams default roles within their own User Management page.

    Administrators can view/edit projects, invite new users, change users' access levels in Matrak and download reports.

  • Editors - can view projects and update statuses and tasks.

  • Viewers - can view projects but cannot update statuses and tasks

So whats project access?

Project access is a users, whether that's a team member within your organisation, or external companies, access to projects in Matrak.

The access options are below:

  • Admin - can change access levels for others in the company and can download reports

  • Edit - can edit materials and update materials on a project

  • View - can only see the project with no ability to make changes

  • No Access - are not able to access the project

If the user is not part of your company, such as external companies working on your project, you can update their project permissions on the 'project permissions' page, under the 'project settings' tab.

We hope that gives you a clearer picture of how permissions and user roles work in Matrak, if you have any issues, use the intercom chat to talk to one of our friendly team.

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