The Group by feature on the Custom Reports page makes it easy to organize your data into neat categories based on your chosen descriptions. With just a few clicks, Groupby will transform masses of information into useful visual categories. So you can keep track of all materials quickly and easily.

On the Custom Reports page, users can use the Groupby feature to create a new view of records.

  • Enables you to group records based on description level

  • Enables you to group maximum 3 layers

In this article we'll explore:

What's the benefit:

  • Organise records: The Groupby feature helps you to organise and categorise records in your report. By grouping records based on a particular description, you can quickly find and organize related records.

  • Easy navigation: The Groupby feature creates a new list for each group, which makes it easy to navigate and find information quickly. You can expand and collapse the groups to see more or less detail, depending on your needs.

  • View how many records are in different groups

  • Flexibility: Group records based on multiple descriptions, which provides more flexibility in how you organise and categorise your records.

  • Customisation: Matrak allows you to customise the display of each group. You can add different filters, and descriptions to each group, which means you can tailor the information to your needs.

  • Overall, the Groupby feature in Matrak is a powerful tool that can help you to organise and categorise your records in a flexible and customisable way. It can improve your productivity and make it easier to find and work with information.

Things to check before setting up this report

Before getting the correct view, first we need to make sure your project is set up with the required descriptions.

You'll need to first make sure all descriptions that you wish to group are first added. You can add or update your records at any time from the Edit record types page.

Step-by-step instructions: How to create a new Groupby feature view on your reports

Once we confirm everything is pre-set up well, we can use the Groupby feature on the Custom Report page.

Step 1: Select the Record Types you want to see under the ‘Record Type’ filter bar

Select the filter button and select the record type or multiple types that you wish to filter down on your report.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Group by’ button on the setting bar and add any description you want to group together

You will then get a colour-coded view of the records you want. This page also enables users to update in bulk as well.

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