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How to update record information from the Custom Reports page
How to update record information from the Custom Reports page

Update the various interactive fields on your custom reports page to update and manage your records efficiently.

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In Matrak's Custom Reports page, there are various interactive fields that allow you to update and manage your records efficiently.

From lists and date cells to text cells and linked records, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to use and maximize these features.

In this article we're going to learn:

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Lists or Button lists:

If you have a list or a button list field on your Record Type, you can update the status or location of materials directly from the custom reports page! Very handy for updating materials in bulk for large call ups or checking off ITP's.

To do this double click on any list cell and it will bring up a drop down menu with all the available statuses. To bulk select simple click on the checkboxes on the far left of your report to choose which rows you would like to select.

How to make bulk updates to material information

Update material IDs quickly and easily with our bulk update feature on the Custom Reports page.

No more manual updates one by one. If you want to quickly select all records on this page click the checkbox in the row header. If you want to select a portion of your rows click the first record you would like to select, hold down shift and select the last row, and it will select all rows in between.

To bulk update material information:

Never waste precious hours on manual updates again when you can let our bulk update feature do the heavy lifting!

Date Cells:

If you have a date field in your Record Type you can click on the date cell to bring up the date picker, to update arrival dates on your records.

Text Cells:

All text fields are editable on the custom reports page, to edit text fields on the custom reports page double click on the text area, and it will expand allowing you to input text. This is great if you want to add comments to your records.

To view simply hover over any text area that has been set up with a Text Area field and it will show you an overview of the text without having to click in to edit.

Tip: Use enter button to change the line, and just click on other places to save the change.

Photo Cells:

Matrak allows you to enhance your records by attaching photos, providing you with a visual record of your materials.

To access the photos, simply navigate to the Properties menu and select 'Photos', which can be found under the 'Common' section alongside other important fields such as ID, Record Type, status, and location.

These fields and photos are crucial in giving you a comprehensive view of the progress of your materials, allowing you to track and manage them effectively.

To view photos simply double click on any photo inline, and it will open a new browser tab so you can view your attached photos full screen.

Want to learn more about custom Reports? Click the link below.

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