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How do I add materials and deliveries to my project?
How do I add materials and deliveries to my project?
Efficiently add materials to your Matrak projects
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In this article, we'll guide you through the steps of adding new materials to your Matrak project accounts, so you can easily monitor and update that status and progress across your operations.

In this article we'll explore:

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First, making sure the record type for the material you want to add exists

Before you can begin adding materials to your Matrak account, you'll first need to define the type of materials you wish to track by creating a new record type for each one.

Record Types are essentially like templates for your Matrak records. They all have unique IDs and status fields by default, and then you can add different fields to collect information about your materials like comments, dates, times, links, and photos. When you edit these fields it will change the fields in all of the associated records that use this template.

These Record Types have different categories: Materials, Locations, Containers and Tasks.

  • Materials include everything from big items like Facade panels to small items like nuts and bolts.

  • Locations tell you where these materials are in the supply chain.

  • Containers are your stillages, shipping containers, or deliveries. Tasks show which jobs need to be done, or what needs to be checked.

This involves adding specific fields of information that you'd like to associate with the material, such as its ID, status, location, and dimensions. For instance, if you want to track doors, you can create a record for each door and input its corresponding details. By setting up your records beforehand, you can easily add new materials and assign them to the appropriate category for streamlined inventory management.

If the record type for the materials you want to add don't already exist in your account, you'll need to navigate to the 'Edit Record Types' page to create a new record type first.

Tip: Instructions on how to add create a new record type 👉 here

How to add materials from Matrak's website application:

  1. Once you have created the new record type, you can add the actual materials by filling in the spreadsheet on the 'Add Records' page located in the side bar menu.

  2. Select from the drop down the record type you wish to add new materials to.

  3. Fill in the columns in the table with all relevant information for the new materials

  4. When all the required fields are filled out, the 'Create Records' button will appear as green, and you can click it to finalise your new records.

Note: If you have an excel spreadsheet with all the materials in it, you can simply copy and paste from Excel directly into the table (This is really useful when adding bulk materials at once!)

How to add materials from Matrak's mobile application:

  1. To add new records from your mobile device, open up the Matrak app and select the three dots, labelled “more” tab on the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select "Add new material" and then select a material from the drop down list.

  3. Once a material has been selected, enter in the unique ID for the material and select the “create” button.

  4. This will bring up the material, where you can directly make changes to the material such as its status and location

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