Matrak’s project copy feature allows you to copy a previous projects that are already in the system.

This means that when you want to create a new project in Matrak, you can actually easily make a copy of one of your previous projects, which will carry over all record types and relevant information.

And the benefit of this is, having the ability to copy a project helps make your project set up phase much easier and quicker for you and your team.

How to copy a project:

  1. To copy a project, all you have to do to is go to Matrak's sign in and select "create a new project".

  2. Fill out the information for your new project, and then select the “copy of (optional)" dropdown - and here is where you can select a previous project to copy.

It's important to call out that when copying a project, the drawings won’t be included but all record types from the previous projects will be copied over, helping to get your new projects up and running faster.

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