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Procore integration and setup instructions
Procore integration and setup instructions
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Matrak's Procore integration enables Procore customers to connect their Matrak + Procore projects, and enable status updates from Matrak to automatically populate in their Procore Site Diary.

These settings are configurable, and enable users to specify which projects to connect, and which statuses across which Containers, Deliveries or Material Types should be synced to Procore.

The below is step-by-step instructions on how to setup your Procore integration in Matrak. (You can also watch this quick 👉 two-minute video to learn how to integrate)

Setup instructions:

  1. Sign in to Matrak

  2. Select a project (you must have Administrator privileges)

  3. Go to ‘Project settings’

  4. Go to ‘Integrations’

  5. Click ‘Sign in with Procore’ under ‘Procore’

  6. Click ‘Allow’ on Procore’s dialog

  7. Please wait a moment after being redirected back to Matrak- when the integration has been initialized you will be presented with a settings screen

  8. Select your Procore company and project if prompted

  9. Select your Matrak delivery/container types and statuses - this defines what updates will trigger the Procore integration. For example selecting ‘Delivery’ and ‘On site’ will trigger one Procore delivery log entry every time someone in Matrak updates any delivery entry to have the status ‘On site’

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