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How to track tasks from your Link Records page
How to track tasks from your Link Records page
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Linking records allows users to link and connect any material to another material (ex: subcomponents), location, or tasks.

How to link locations with tasks:

From the home page go to the Link Records page from the left hand side bar.

From the drop down list select your task record type that you wish to link to your other location record type.

Populate the columns with the task and location record ID's you wish to link. If you already have these internally or in an Excel spreadsheet, you can copy and paste them directly into the table.

Once all the location and task ID's are added into your table, click the "create" button on the top right hand corner of the screen. A pop up message will appear to confirm that your links are correct. If they're not, click "cancel" and amend the table.

If everything is correct, click "confirm" to link your tasks to their locations. A confirmation message will appear in the bottom right hand corner when these records have been successfully linked.

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