To create a packing list from your Link Records page - first navigate to the link records page from your left hand side bar.

From the Link Records page - first select the desired material you wish to pack from the drop down list.

Then from the same drop down list select "stillage" which will populate a new column to your packing list. From the same drop down list again, select "shipping container" which will populate a third column to your packing list.

Now fill in the columns with the correct record ID's you wish to link. You can easily copy and paste these from internal packing lists or from Excel sheets.

Once all the record ID's are added into your table, click the "create" button on the top right hand corner of the screen. A pop up message will appear to confirm your packing list and that all linked records are correct. If they're not, click "cancel" and amend the table.

If everything is correct, click "confirm" to create your packing list. A confirmation message will appear in the bottom right hand corner when it has been successfully created.

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