Under the “Invite New Company” tab you are able to invite new companies to join the project on Matrak, this could be an installation, logistics, QA or manufacturing company for example. Inviting this company gives the new company permission to view and edit all the data on your project.

Enter the email address of the person at the new company you would like to invite into the text box and select “Invite”.

What happens next?

  1. If that company already exists on the Matrak network, a message will appear asking if you will pay for the new company’s subscription or if the new company will pay for their own subscription

    1. Invited company pays for themselves - select ‘New company pays for themselves’ and ‘Yes’. The company will be added to your project and they will receive an email to follow the regular sign up and payments process.

    2. You pay on behalf of the invited company - select ‘I will pay on their behalf’ and ‘Yes’. This will direct you to the “Plans and Billing” page where you can pay for the newly invited company via credit card. To pay for the newly invited company via invoice, you will need to contact Matrak at [email protected] / [email protected].

  1. If you are adding a company that is not already in the Matrak network you will need to fill in the required information (email is mandatory) in the form which will send the new company an invite to join your project and Matrak.

  2. If you attempt to re-invite a company that has already been invited to your project, a prompt will appear.

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