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How to manage user roles for your company
How to manage user roles for your company

Ensure project collaborators only have access to relevant information and projects.

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After you've sign up and invited users to join your Matrak project, it's equally important to ensure that they're granted access only to the information and projects that are relevant to them.

By utilising Matrak's User Roles and Project Access features, you can allocate specific access levels to different users, ensuring that they can only view and modify data that is relevant to their role in the project. So you can maintain control over the project's sensitive information while still providing necessary access to team members and collaborators.

In this article we'll explore:

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Company users vs. External companies

When working on a project, it's essential to add both your internal team members and external collaborators. However, it's crucial to ensure that they only have access to the relevant information and projects.

This is where User Roles and Project Access come in handy These features enable you to control and allocate specific access levels to various users, ensuring that they can only view and modify the relevant data associated with their role in the project.

  • Company users: If they have a company email, Matrak considers them an internal member of your company, and they will be automatically added to your company if they have an associated domain.

  • External companies: If they have an external email, Matrak considers them an external company. You can add them to specific projects you need them to have access to - they can only view and access projects to which you invite them to.

Note: You can update or remove their project access in the Project Access page.

What are Company User Roles?

User roles are users' default permissions - for any new project they’re added to they will automatically be granted the same level of permissions.

  • Administrators can set default roles for anyone joining their company

    • (Administrators can also: Invite new user, update user permissions, approve/deny pending users, update User Roles, and resend invitation link)

  • Editors can view projects and update statuses and tasks

  • Viewers can view projects but cannot update statuses and tasks

  • No access will remove access and delete a colleague from the company

How to update company user roles

When you invite someone to your company, you can choose what User Role and what project specific permissions they have on invitation - People inherit access to the team’s projects based on their user role and permissions.

Note: You can only edit user roles if you have Administrator permissions for your company

To update the user roles of internal colleagues, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on 'My Company' on the left-hand navigation bar, and select the 'User Management' tab.

  2. Locate the name of the team member whose user role you want to update

  3. Select the drop-down menu under their current user role and choose the new role from the list of available options.

  4. If you wish to make a fellow colleague an Administrator, simply change their user role to 'Administrator'. This grants them permission to modify other user roles as well.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly update the user roles of your internal colleagues, ensuring that they have the appropriate level of access to Matrak's features and functions.

Tip: You can always come back to the 'User management' tab and edit any internal colleagues user roles at any time.

Now that you've set up user roles and project access for internal company colleagues, now you'll want to do the same for external companies.

If the user is not part of your company, such as external companies working on your project, you can update their project permissions on the 'Project settings' page, under the 'User access' tab.

We hope that gives you a clearer picture of how user roles and project permissions work in Matrak, if you have any issues, please use the intercom chat to talk to one of our friendly team.

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