In Matrak, you can easily view or update your materials packing information. From the drawings, select a material and click the ‘View/Edit’ button.

Detailed information about a material will display in card view. In this card view, you can:

  • A) Update the status of a record

  • B) Change the selected material's location

  • C) Enter, update and view specific information your company has decided to track at the beginning of a project

    • example: defects, height, ITPs etc.

To close the card view click the red X at the top right of the card.

You can also update packing information by adding the selected material to a delivery that you create.

Select "Add another container" and fill out the fields with your packing information. You'll need to fill out the "container type", where you can add it to an already existing container, or create an entirely new one. To add your material to a new container , Select "+ Create new container" from the drop down list and fill out its "container ID" before selecting "Create".

After you have created, the new container will display and be associated with the record.

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