What is Matrak?

Understanding the value of a material tracking system and how this process is made easy in Matrak

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Matrak is a material tracking platform driving supply chain visibility for construction teams.

Materials are the basis of every construction project, yet most construction teams have few insights into their data on their projects or the power of tracking their materials.

Up until recently, only a limited amount of solutions existed beyond excel sheets and email communications - which are difficult to coordinate and run the risk of being out of date as soon as they're sent.

Benefits of implementing a digital material tracking system:

  • Reduces risk at every part of your build

  • Ultimately positively impact your bottom line

  • Because materials are the one common denominator across all stages of your supply chain - this enables supply chain visibility and project wide collaboration.

  • Supply chain transparency has proven to help deliver projects on time and within budget

  • Allows smarter and data driven decisions for project success

How it works in Matrak:

Tracking your materials is really easy with the right software. And in Matrak we make this process as simple as possible.

Interactive colour-coded drawings

Helps you to link your materials to their specific location.

  • For subcontractors, we’ve made this feature simple to use to not add any extra effort to your day to day tasks. Simply tick off your work completed directly on the visual drawings.

  • Builders have the ability to see the colours change in real-time on Matrak's interactive drawings, and give you peace of mind your projects are staying on schedule. To not add any extra effort for subcontractors, we’ve made this feature simple to use and all they have to do is tick off their work directly on the visual drawings. As subcontractors update their work completed, builders can see the colours change in real-time - giving them peace of mind that all teams and the project are staying on schedule.

Material tracking record cards

Hold a full audit log and vital information about every single material and every interaction anyone has ever had with it.

  • The cards have the ability to hold photos, comments, files and other information such as quality and inspection test results, so all information on your material is in one space.

  • The audit log can help you with dispute resolution and protects you and your teams. Also having the ability to track specific times for your materials movement such as your manufacturing, installation and inspection rates gives you data that can be used to help know ahead of time if your projects are on schedule or be proactive if it's at risk of falling behind.

Automatically generated reports

Allow you to leverage the material data to be pulled into timely and accurate reports for your teams and clients. As traditional reporting is a very manual process, most reports are prone to risk and errors. Matrak's automatic reports means that you can pull accurate data like:

  • shipping information

  • packing lists

  • progress reports

  • defect reports

  • progress claims

  • and more!

Material tracking has significant benefits and influence in construction projects, and is a key driver for supply chain transparency and project wide collaboration.

It addresses industry wide challenges and brings everyone along the construction supply chain together around its most fundamental component — materials.

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