To get started with Matrak on your mobile phone, you’ll need to download the app. From the Apple or Google app store, download the Matrak application.

On the login screen, there is a space to enter your email and password. (There is also a ‘Forgot password’ option, a sign in button, a sign up redirect, a language switcher (Supporting Mandarin only at this point in time), and a QR code sign up option in the bottom right corner)

To sign up, select the, ‘Sign up’ button, you will be redirected to a sign up page.

From the sign in screen, if you select the, ‘Sign up’ button, you will be redirected to a sign up page. Enter your information in the required fields and select, “Next”. Please note, all required fields need to be filled out before moving on.

Once all fields are filled, you will have two options:

A: Create a new company

B: Join an existing company

Creating a new company or Joining an existing company

A: Creating a new company

If you’re creating a new company, select the “Create new company” option and enter your personal details for an account. If you’re attempting to create a company that already exists in Matrak, you will see an error message.

Enter the required information to register your company with Matrak and select whether or not you are joining an existing project, e.g. 500 Swanson. If you are joining an existing project, select the ‘Yes’ radio button and click, “Next.” You will see messaging to verify your account via email.

B: Joining an existing company

If you are joining an existing company, select the ‘Join existing company’ button. If the company is registered with Matrak, there will be a green check mark beside the company name.

Click the next button. You will see an email confirmation message to verify your account with the company you are joining on Matrak mobile. Once that has been completed, you will be able to log into the application.

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