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Navigating your interactive drawings page
Navigating your interactive drawings page
Visualise site progress and improve productivity on the job site
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Use Matrak’s interactive drawings to visualise site progress and improve productivity on the job site.

Every project in Matrak will have its drawings made interactive and digital - and all materials will be linked to their specific location. As projects are underway, materials and tasks can be updated and tracked directly off these digital drawings - and changes made visually communicate what’s happening on site.

In their digital form, Matrak’s interactive drawings provide a centralised location for all parties involved to collaborate and access latest project drawings and revisions - reducing the risk of delaying the schedule and hurting the budget.

Everyone in your supply chain gains benefits from using interactive drawings:

  • Installers are able to see what work needs to be done and can annotate the drawings directly from any smartphone, tablet, or computer when that work is complete. They can also link photos, documents, and comments to share real-time progress with colleagues.

  • And as this information is updated into Matrak, Project Managers can get a holistic view, visually, of the job’s progress and understand what trade is coming up next.

  • And Site Coordinators can use the drawings to tell what materials have made it to site and be proactive in understanding what materials are needed to be on site next to keep project flow on track.

Export and Share interactive drawings

Easily export and share colour coded copies to clients even if they don't have access to Matrak, to communicate real time project progress.

Or save a personal copy for quality insurance that can be easily recovered in case anything comes up years down the line.

Seamless integration with current workflows

Matrak’s interactive drawings is one of the only construction software solutions for managing work on site, that mimics the way contractors and subcontractors have traditionally worked.

Because it connects with your internal systems and fits into existing processes, they’re intuitive and simple — allowing teams to work fast. Creating better performance and less risks, all without disrupting your current workflow.

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