PLEASE NOTE: You can only edit user roles if you have Administrator permissions for your company

Once you’ve set up your project in Matrak, you’re going to want to add members of your company so you can get the most out of Matrak.

You’ll want to add your company colleagues, but only give them access to specific information and projects. That’s where User Roles come in handy.

User access can be managed from the "My Company" page under the User Management page tab.

From this page, select the arrow next to the user role to update whether each user has ‘Administrator’, ‘Editor’ or ‘Viewer’ access by default.

What are Company User Roles?

User roles are users' default permissions - for any new project they’re added to they will automatically be granted the same level of permissions.

  • Administrators can set default roles for anyone joining their company

    • (Administrators can also: Invite new user, update user permissions, approve/deny pending users, update User Roles, and resend invitation link)

  • Editors can view projects and update statuses and tasks

  • Viewers can view projects but cannot update statuses and tasks

These access levels can also be set on a per project basis, via the Project Settings page.

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