In Matrak, notifications are project specific and you have the ability to customise your notifications.

When setting up your project or at any time during your build - you have the ability to select what notifications are relevant to your job that you want to be notified of.

To select and turn on your notifications on your mobile device or tablet, select the "notifications" in the middle of the bottom bar. This screen is where you'll manage your notifications. All notifications appear here and you can either save them or delete them by swiping left.

To customise your notification settings, select the button on the left side of the swipe bar on the top right hand side. ​​Select or deselect any notification you would like to receive or not receive for this project by clicking on the circles on the right side of the screen.

To turn off your notifications entirely, you can swipe the toggle bar on the top right hand corner of your device.

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