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Matrak Desktop: How to upload your drawings
Matrak Desktop: How to upload your drawings
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This is where you will upload your architectural drawings that will be used in the “take-off”. Our team will take these drawings and make them interactive so that changes can be made directly on the drawings in Matrak.

From the Matrak desktop dashboard, go to the “Plans/Drawings” tab on the left hand side and select “Upload Drawings”.

Drag and drop the PDF files of your drawings into the pop-up, once they load you will see the drawing listed in the middle of the pop-up screen.

In the “Additional Information” section give us a description of the information that you would like to be captured out of the drawings and provide details of the naming conventions/IDs of the materials.

Example Request:

Please find attached the east elevation for the building. Could we please capture the cladding on this elevation.

  • Material ID - C.05 is for Bold Cream Cladding

  • Material ID - C.04 is for Dark Grey Metallic Cladding

Once you have provided all necessary drawing information, select the “Upload” button.

The uploaded drawings are sent to [email protected] where our internal architectures will begin making the drawings interactive and loading in all the materials. Please allow up to two weeks for this to be completed.

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