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How to add widgets to your dashboard
How to add widgets to your dashboard
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Enhancing your dashboard with widgets offers a valuable means of obtaining a quick overview of specific materials' locations and statuses of specific materials. Additionally, you can showcase designated drawings or floor plans, incorporate run rate graphs for specific statuses, and utilise your My Work widget to display all your tasks and responsibilities, among other features.

The flexibility to add different widgets, customise their content, and rearrange them according to your preferences gives you complete control over the information you view and its presentation. By consolidating all this information in one central location, you can make well-informed decisions and get quick snapshot of your project's progress.

Step-by-steps instructions on how to add Dashboard widgets:

  1. Access your Matrak account and proceed to the relevant project.

  2. On the Dashboard Page, find and select the 'Customize your dashboard' button located in the top-right corner of the screen.

  3. A popup will emerge. Choose the preferred widget type from the drop downs and apply the necessary filters.

  4. After completing the required information, click the 'create' button.

  5. To organise the widget on your dashboard, use your cursor to drag and drop it into your desired position.

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