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Matrak Mobile: How to update a status from the drawings
Matrak Mobile: How to update a status from the drawings
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In Matrak you can use the interactive colour coded drawings to update the status of your materials or tasks.

There are two ways to do this:

A) By selecting the material on the drawing

B) Selecting the record from the button list below the drawing. The colours of the records on the drawings are based on the status of the record, set at project setup.

When you perform either action, the screen will display as follows:

To make mass updates you have the ability to select and change the status of all record types on this drawing, choose "select all". To deselect all, select โ€˜deselect allโ€™.

To change the status of a record, click the โ€˜Change Statusโ€™ button and all of the potential statuses associated with this record type will display.

Changing the status will update the colour of the button associated with the record on the record list and the colour of the record on the drawings.

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