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How to create and print QR codes
How to create and print QR codes

Efficient QR code generation and printing for materials, records, containers, and stillages in Matrak

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In Matrak, you can effortlessly generate and print QR codes for specific materials, records, containers, and stillages. These QR codes can be scanned using the mobile app's built-in QR scanner or any external scanner — eliminating the need for manual searching or guesswork. Manufacturers, subcontractors, and site teams in the construction industry can easily scan QR codes to access and update packing list information, material/task statuses, and details without any hassle.

Here's how you can create and print QR codes in Matrak:

  1. Find the materials, containers, or stillages for which you want to generate QR codes.

  2. On the left-hand side of the page, select "Explore" and then "Find Records".

  3. Apply filters to search for the specific materials you require and select "Search".

  4. From the list of search results, either choose specific records and click the '⋮' button or directly select the '⋮' button to generate QR codes for all records in the search results.

  5. Click the '⋮' button and choose 'Quick Print QR' from the dropdown list.

  6. In the pop-up window, configure the information you want to display on the QR code by selecting options from the dropdown lists.

  7. Once you are satisfied with the selection, click the "Print" button.

  8. A PDF preview will appear, showcasing the QR codes you have chosen. Click the printer icon to complete the printing process.

Important Note: Please ensure that you:

  • Have the correct sticker size, as the supported dimensions are 64 x 33.8mm

  • Adjust your printing settings to be 100% fit to page

By following these steps, you can easily generate and print QR codes for efficient material management, streamlined tracking, and seamless data updates.

Save time by utilizing the QR scanner to scan multiple QR codes in succession, enabling bulk updates, quality checks, and efficient packing operations. Utilizing Matrak's QR codes empowers construction professionals to enhance productivity and accuracy while simplifying day-to-day processes.

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