Matrak's QR code scanner allows you to quickly find and update material and packing list information.

Previously only accessible from within Matrak’s mobile app, our external scanner feature allows Matrak's QR code scanner to be accessed on external Android scanners. Making the feature accessible in factories with phone-free factory floor regulations and personal mobile device bans.

Set up instructions:

  • To enable Matrak's external barcode feature on any Android external scanner, simply download this 👉 APK file to install it on your external scanner.

Requirements needed:

  • You must have at least an Android 7 external scanner device and have a Matrak account

Features and abilities of Matrak's external QR code scanner:

  • Update status for materials and containers

  • Create packing list by scanning QR codes

  • Automatically update material status

  • Offline capabilities to scan and update

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