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How to resend an invite link to members of your company
How to resend an invite link to members of your company
Colleague can't find their invitation link into Matrak? Here's how to send them a new one!
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Resending an invitation link is a common task when you want to invite new colleagues or team members to join your company's account in Matrak

In summary, to resend an invitation link to colleagues, you need to head to the "My Company" page, select the User Management tab, locate the contact you want to invite, click the "⟳" icon, and confirm the action.

Note: Only Admin Users have the ability to resend an invitation link.

Step-by-step instructions to resend an invitation link:

  1. Go to the "My Company" page: Navigate to the main dashboard or homepage of your SaaS platform and look for a link or button labeled "My Company" or similar. Click on it to access the page where you can manage your company's account settings, users, and other details.

  2. Select the User Management tab: Once you are on the "My Company" page, look for a tab or menu item labeled "User Management" or something similar. This is where you can view and manage the list of users who have access to your company's project network.

  3. Locate the contact you want to invite: In the list of users, find the contact that you want to resend the invitation link to. You can usually search or filter the list by name, email address, or other criteria to make it easier to find the right person.

  4. Click the "⟳" icon: Once you have located the contact, look for a small circular icon with an arrow inside it, usually located in the same row or column as the user's name and email address. This icon represents the option to resend the invitation link to the contact.

  5. Resend the invite link: Click on the "" icon to trigger the action to resend the invitation link. The contact will receive an email with a new link to join your company's project account

With these simple steps, you can quickly invite new users to your company's account and keep your team members connected and productive in Matrak.

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