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Matrak Mobile: How to use the QR code scanner to update material or task status
Matrak Mobile: How to use the QR code scanner to update material or task status
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Matrak's QR scanner allows you to scan a QR code to update a material or task status as well as:

  1. Update packing list - for example, they can put material A into Stillage A by scanning QR code

  2. Show packing list information - they can see which stillage does this material placed in if already create packing list

  3. Update material status, location, level, defective information, comments etc - this one depends on how the user setup the project. It will show the same page as our website’s this page

    • It's important to note: If you scan a QR code, you still update the status of the record even if the location is unknown. As you will be able to update other information like status or expected delivery date.

  4. Attach photos - the user can upload photo by taking photo directly or select from library

To access the QR scanner, click the associated button on the bottom navigation menu and the scanner will display.

Note you must scan a QR code associated with the project you are viewing. If you scan a QR code associated with a different project, you will see an error message.

To turn on the flashlight for better QR code scanning, click the flash button at the top left. To turn it off, click on it once again. When you scan the QR code, the record associated with the QR code will display.

From here, you can view or edit the record details and status or use the ‘Place In’ button to place the record into a container via a QR code on a container.

You can also scan multiple QR codes in a row and update their status or record details together or place all those records in the same container.

To deselect all records you’ve scanned, click on the remove all text. Click on the individual records to deselect or select particular records. Click on the x to close out of any records view and return to the QR scanner only.

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