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Navigating Matrak's QR code scanner
Navigating Matrak's QR code scanner

How to use the QR code scanner to update material or task status

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Matrak's QR scanner makes it simple for factory and site teams to easily scan Matrak generated QR codes to update a material or task status.

Note: Matrak's QR Code Scanner is only available on the mobile application

Scan a QR code and update material or task status effortlessly. With just a simple scan, you can:

  • ✅ Update packing list: Seamlessly assign materials to specific stillages by scanning the QR code, ensuring accurate tracking.

  • 🔍 Access packing list information: Instantly retrieve details about the material's location and the stillage it is placed in, simplifying inventory management.

  • 🔄 Update material status, location, defects, comments, and more: Customize your project settings to capture and update essential information with ease. Our intuitive interface mirrors the functionality of our website, providing a familiar experience.

    • 💡 Note: Even if the location is unknown, scanning a QR code enables you to update other vital details like status or expected delivery dates, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

  • 📸 Capture the full picture: Attach photos directly from your device's camera or choose from your photo library, enhancing documentation and visual communication.

QR Code Scanner Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Open the Matrak mobile app and navigate to the desired project.

  2. Locate the dedicated QR scanner button on the bottom navigation menu.

  3. Click the button to activate the scanner.

  4. Scan any Matrak-generated QR code associated with the project you are viewing. This ensures that you are working with the correct records.

  5. Once scanned, you can select the 'View/Edit' button make the desired changes to the record details and status.

  6. Once scanned, you can select the 'Place In' button to assign the record to a container by scanning the QR code on the container.

  7. To work with multiple records, simply scan additional QR codes in succession. You can update their status and record details collectively or place them all in the same container.

  8. If you need to deselect specific records, click on each individual record to toggle the selection. To remove all scanned records at once, click on the 'Remove All' text.

  9. To exit the record view and return to the QR scanner, click the 'x' button.

Make the most of Matrak's QR scanner feature to streamline your workflow, update records efficiently, and maintain project accuracy.

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